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HAM Radio Repair

Quimby Mountain Radio repairs Amateur Radio and station accessories.

We are available for repair of amateur radio equipment and accessories. However, we don't repair some HT's or high power linear amplifiers. I will always give you my opinion of what's been done and what needs to be done, and whether it's worth the cost.

NOTE: QMRadio REPAIRS radios. We DO NOT RESTORE radios which takes a very long time and usually costs much more than most are willing to spend.

You can either wait to bring it in, or bring it in and we will store it until repair time. Our storage is secure and protected by two sophisticated alarm systems. We are insured.

We're located in a remote, but easy area to find in Bow, NH, about 6 miles north of Manchester center, NH. Call ahead or email me for complete directions or plug our address into your GPS.

Pick Ups and delivery are always preferred but we will accept radios from UPS, FedEX Express. We suggest you DO NOT use USPS unless it's a very small item like a forgotten connector, etc.

Sorry, ....We do not work on some HT's, Linear Amps, CB ( or converted CB or 10M radio designed to "Free Band" ) and any equipment that has been hit by Lightning or improperly connected. Call for an opinion.

Our services require that you have a valid Amateur Radio License in your possession when you bring equipment in for repair. No license or WWW.QRZ check and we will not accept your repair.

If you would like information about AMSAT or to make a donation please visit their web site.

If you ship the radio to us, make sure it is properly packed because if there's damage when it arrives it causes problems. I will also ship the radio back to you in the package you provided. If the packaging is inadequate I will contact you to determine if you want it to be packed properly.

We adhere to a 100% guarantee on our work for 3 months. We will ship and fix the rig for free if there are any problems. Please call first before shipping the rig back.

Contact Jim Fowler

For information please contact Jim Fowler
during these business hours.

Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5 pm
CLOSED: Sat, Sun & Holidays


603-715-2820 or via email at jim@qmradio.com.

Talk in repeater frequencies to the shop:
447.325 Output / 442.325 Input, 88.5 pl (KA1SU/R)

Cell Phone (603-491-2132) or repeater is best way to find me.


( Ham Gear Only)

We don't repair

  • Some HT's, or any Cell Phones.
  • Land Mobile or Base Stations
  • We do not install mods unless you provide the parts and directions or if I can find the directions on a web site. We WILL NOT guarantee the mod will work and will charge extra ($100 / hr) to de-install and realign the radio it if it doesn't.
  • We don't climb, repair, take down or install antennas but will recommend others in the area that will do this.
  • We will order parts for you and put cost in final invoice. So if you want parts for other than the rig I'm working on, let me know.
  • Telephone calls about advice are and status of your equipment are welcome. If I don't answer, leave a voice mail and I'll get back to you shortly. I will ALWAYS talk to you before, during and after our service.

  • I have been licensed continuously since 1959. We are active in the hobby on all bands.

Capabilities and Credentials

Quimby Mountain Radio * 2 Chelsea Drive Bow, NH 03304