Ham Radio Repair

I will work on radios 1940 – 1980 with primary focus on Amateur Radio products.  I do not touch Antiques of any kind, and am very selective of type of service for other radios. I see alot of junk, but turn them away.  My “restoration” is only for the electronics in these rigs, but I can recommend  other sources of excellent (albeit expensive) front panel and cabinet restoration.  I have many, many parts radios here that I can use to repair older radios (see below).  Call first.  For newer radios I will recommend a company that will repair them and this list is for only the BEST service centers.  (I will provide opinions of others).  I will always give you my very honest opinion regarding what can be done, likely future problems and whether I think I want to work on it at all.

Jim Fowler, Owner

Types/Model of Radios I enjoy working on and can get parts for are;

EF Johnson:     Challenger, Ranger, Valiant, Courier, Thunderbolt
Collins:             All including Military products
Hammarlund:   All to include SP-600 (J and JX)
Drake:             All
Hallicrafters:  All
Heathkit:        Most depending on condition and problem (cold solder joints when built cause real long term failures).
Military:         BC-348x, BC-603, BC-663, R-309, R390A, R-288(Collins Design)
Aircraft: Some (call)

Given incoming jobs and those in progress my order acceptance ranges from 4 – 8 weeks in advance of benchtime.  Average time to repair depends on parts availability and extent of labor.  Labor $60 / hour (actual benchtime) depending on extent of work (more or less).

Quimby Mountain Radio
Bow, New Hampshire 03304
Shop: 603-715-2820
Cell: 603-491-2132
Hours: M-Th, 9a-4p, Closed Fridays & all Holidays

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